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 By Andrew LaFleur: 

It is always a good sign when you see respected producers team for track. The result is almost always something amazing. Polish sensations Matt Bukovski and A.R.D.I. just happen to both be well respected producers, teamed up and have created a track that just so happens to be amazing. The track is creating a “monsoon” in the music world. Perhaps that is why it is entitled Monsoon.
    Sporting a fast paced BPM, Monsoon wastes no time entering the eye of the storm. A clubby kick coupled with a massive clap already sets the mood with the taste of energy. Slick percussion loops and effect only forward this notion till the breakdown, a beautiful symphonic breakdown. With its beautiful mixture of authentic sounding strings and synth pads, listeners will feel emotions like they have never felt before. A word of advice though, make sure to save some of that emotion and energy when those mega powerful leads kick in.
Monsoon is a great return to the more classic sound that dominated the ASOT label years ago. Both Matt and ARDI have done a stellar job with showing that classic sounding style Trance can still do well in the modern era. Make sure to grab a legal copy when it hits Beatport on January 27th via ASOT.

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