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Review by Kingpins:
Australian based veteran Dj and producer Dirty south has been always evolving and has kept his work at a high level throughout his long career. From having  collaborated with many top producers to remixing for several  pop artist around the world. There is very few producers who can have held the honor of being nominated twice for a grammy such as Dirty South. He has created a masterpiece with this his new track “i swear”  
Returning to work with Anima for the vocals after much success with there collaboration”all of us”  Anima hails from from south africa but has a very unique shamanistic vibe that adds just the perfect vocal tone to this track. “i swear ” pulls you in with a such a mellow yet sublime bass. If that is not enough Dirty south lays down his signature mood altering synthesizers throughout the song that dig deep into the listener and gives you this sense of happiness and balance. This track, thrilling yet tender is a certified classic for electronic music.