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By Andrew LaFleur: Yet another long awaited release is finally here. One of 2016’s best new comers was Iranian hot shot Amir Shahlaee. Amir’s surprise hit “Summer Island” was a massive success on SMR4, gaining crucial support from top name DJ’s and Producers around the world. Now, Summer Island is at last getting its own much deserved release. With Balearic pads, groovy energy, and purely atmospheric vibes, Listeners will be forgetting about the cold with this balearic beauty. On remix duties is the ever rising Irish wonder Michael Fearon. Michael decides to kick things up on the production scale with a heavier bassline, powerful snares and an all around big room feel for a more club friendly take. The cold weather may still be upon us, but Amir’s talent will make us forget about the cold, and definitely warm us up!  


Original Mix:

 Michael Fearon Remix: